Another Logo Under my Belt!

Just finished up a fun design job for April Mitchell, the inventor of the towel belt. It’s always nice to help out a fellow mom who is running her own business! We collaborated in order to update her website and brand identity as her business expands in the future.

The towel belt is a cute little invention to keep towels from falling to the floor, especially with kids and pets running around and getting into shenanigans! My logo was intended to replace the picture of the product that had been used previously (below), and also to create an inviting and friendly brand for the product.

I quickly discovered that it was harder than I thought to convey an elegant towel that didn’t look like a strapless wedding dress! I also needed to include the towel bar otherwise the towel would just be floating in air confusingly. After a lot of sketches and collaboration with April, I created two final logos (above). The logos show two different towel graphics, type treatment, and coloring. I prefer looking at logos in black and white for comparison because the colors can distract you. We happily decided on a logo that combined the lines and type from the former and the two-toned shading of the latter. You can check it out at Another great logo design under my belt. ^_^