An Optimistic Outlook

I recently worked with author and friend John Madigan to bring his absurdist, fictional novel to life! It was my first time working with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Although there were lots of guidelines to follow in order to format … Continued

Kitchen Table Finale!

This is the last post about our kitchen table, I promise! If you are just tuning in, you can check out the previous posts here and here. Before we took our tabletop home from the Woodcycle, we decided to have the … Continued

Frogs & Photos at Stricker Park!

Had a wonderful time at Stricker Park photographing members of the MOMS Club of Southwest Madison at a park playdate! We have had so much rain lately that the park was absolutely covered in tiny frogs! As you walked through … Continued

Feed your Imagination!

I was so excited to display my artwork at the local library this March, that I decided to create a piece of art just for them. Inspired by the motivational library posters of my childhood, I created a poster with … Continued

Designing a New Kitchen Table I

Sick of our old, beat up table, my husband and I were checking out Restore West to look at their tables. We were also considering making a simple table on our own, so we checked out the cool barn wood … Continued

Mind your P’s and Q’s!

To commemorate Natalia’s Christening and to thank her lovely godparents, I made a poster as a gift to them! It seems like forever since I picked up the brayer or the brush and just had fun creating something without a … Continued

Another Logo Under my Belt!

Just finished up a fun design job for April Mitchell, the inventor of the towel belt. It’s always nice to help out a fellow mom who is running her own business! We collaborated in order to update her website and brand identity … Continued

Logo Sketches & Designs

Below are some of my sketches for a recent logo redesign for GMW & Associates, a company that was looking for a professional logo that captured the many aspects of their title company and also their Chicago and Celtic roots. Even … Continued