Mind your P’s and Q’s!

To commemorate Natalia’s Christening and to thank her lovely godparents, I made a poster as a gift to them! It seems like forever since I picked up the brayer or the brush and just had fun creating something without a … Continued

Another Logo Under my Belt!

Just finished up a fun design job for April Mitchell, the inventor of the towel belt. It’s always nice to help out a fellow mom who is running her own business! We collaborated in order to update her website and brand identity … Continued

Logo Sketches & Designs

Below are some of my sketches for a recent logo redesign for GMW & Associates, a company that was looking for a professional logo that captured the many aspects of their title company and also their Chicago and Celtic roots. Even … Continued

My precious!!!

My letterpress tabletop press finally arrived! With the amazing help of my in-laws who picked the ~100 lb press up from the seller in Florida and created an entire wood crate just to ship it to me! Best belated birthday gift ever! The press … Continued

Painting ‘Old School’

Watch me take an alleyway find from my Dad and turn it into a fancy looking antique! This was my first try at painting something ‘old school’ and I think it turned out pretty great. Below is the before picture, the … Continued

Finally Finished…time to party!

Pre-movie night photos of our brand-spanking new basement!! It’s so nice to have a large room for showing movies & we can fit everyone on one couch!   Here are the two rooms created – a huge office for me and … Continued

Basement Remodel Continues…

Things are really starting to take shape quickly with the remodel and we can’t wait to start using our new basement next month!   In order to save a bit of money, Bren and I took on some of the … Continued

Basement Remodel Breaks Ground!

Before construction our basement was essentially just a huge concrete bunker. We shoved all our junk and decorations down there since we don’t have an attic. Here it is all cleared out so construction can begin:    And here are … Continued

DIY Entertainment Center

After spending way too much time trolling pinterest for pictures of vintage crates and crafty ideas, Bren and I decided to make a huge entertainment center for our living room out of them! Home Depot ships the crates free if … Continued

Training is Half the Battle

Since I started my zazzle site, I finally have an outlet for all my crazy Tshirt ideas. I have been writing them on post-its for the last year or two, and just never got around to making them a reality. … Continued