Center Title Logo Design Process

I finished up a fun logo project right before the new year and wanted to show some of the sketches/logos I developed for Center Title. The final logo is below in both a wide and standard format. I was given a sketch of their historic downtown building (far left) and a more modern building illustration to use as inspiration (second from the left).

I first sketched their building multiple times by hand using a photo of their building to get a feel for it and see what worked. That is how I came up with the logos below, which I scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop and Illustrator. Since I got a Wacom tablet for Christmas, future projects like this will go even smoother!


I liked the casual look of my first logos, but I wanted a cleaner and more professional look for the rest of the logos, to match up with the company’s image and the inspiration they gave me. To accomplish that, I created these logos just using Illustrator and a set of custom brushes that I created.