Fun DIY Table Using Washers!

Inspired by all the pinterest boards full of coffeee tables coated in pennies, I decided to do something a bit different for my summer DIY project!

Here’s the backstory: My Dad promised me his wrought iron table and chair set before I moved into my house around Thanskgiving a few years back, so I left them at his house until the next summer. Unfortunately, a tree fell down in my parents’ backyard and broke the glass in the table. Miraculously the table was still in decent shape (although my Mom’s chaise lounge could not be saved). I grabbed the table and chairs and decided I would figure something out.

The Problem: It is cheaper to buy a new table than to buy the glass for a round table – it is insane!

The Solution: Create our own tabletop! We thought about using stone/tile for a while, but frankly grout is a pain and after putting a round piece of wood in the table for stability, we needed something pretty flat for the top of it. At first we considered pennies, but the penny pincher in me didn’t want to seal money away into a table. I decided that since my husband and I are both computer geeks/engi-nerds, we should use silver washers in the table instead. I liked all the variety of washers out there and it let us make a really interesting design. We had to use a lot of resin to fill in all the gaps and it wasn’t really cheaper than using pennies, but it is certainly one of a kind and I love it!


And here is the finished product on our deck!