My precious!!!

My letterpress tabletop press finally arrived! With the amazing help of my in-laws who picked the ~100 lb press up from the seller in Florida and created an entire wood crate just to ship it to me! Best belated birthday gift ever! The press was on ebay a few days at a pretty low price because the seller would not ship it, pick up only. I was so lucky that my husband’s family only lived an hour away. Mwa ha ha – all mine!


It was $250 for my antique linoscribe showcard press (not including the packaging and shipping), but with how much demand there is for showcards, I think I got a steal! I had been looking for a while and most tabletop presses were going for at least $500 – $700. As soon as I got it in the mail I grabbed my inks and started playing around. I have really missed letterpress now that I am no longer taking classes at Madison College.


Here is a mini-poster I made for George to thank him for all his hard work creating a custom crate for the letterpress. I am still collecting type and imagery, but I have built enough of a collection to have some fun! I look forward to showing my family and friends the joys of letterpress next time they visit. ^_^