Painting ‘Old School’

Watch me take an alleyway find from my Dad and turn it into a fancy looking antique! This was my first try at painting something ‘old school’ and I think it turned out pretty great. Below is the before picture, the knobs were missing and the face of one of the drawers had fallen off. The legs were taken off to get it up to Madison, but still in good condition if a little cobweb-y.



Bren helped fix the drawers and then we both got down to sanding and painting the wood a light turquoise color called Colonial Aqua.



 I got some java antiquing glaze at Home Depot and started wiping away. It was pretty easy and fun, although it dried fast. Even the heavily scarred top looked cooler with a little glaze on top. In the pics below, you can see how much the glaze changed the look and feel of the piece below.



Tada!! Here’s the completed antique in my dining room, plus I have plenty of turquoise paint and glaze left for more fun projects!