Will You Be My Valentine?

When I started planning to host a Valentine’s Day party, I fondly remembered how I used to celebrate as a kid – with paper valentines and lots of candy! I still love candy and valentines but I am an adult … Continued

Center Title Logo Design Process

I finished up a fun logo project right before the new year and wanted to show some of the sketches/logos I developed for Center Title. The final logo is below in both a wide and standard format. I was given … Continued

Back from New Zealand!

Bren and I just got back from an amazing trip to New Zealand for his sabbatical! We saw tons of sheep, kiwis (the bird and the people), rainforests, whales, glaciers, mountains and volcanoes (no lava though), and we walked through … Continued

Making “Handmade” Fliers

To help promote a kids self-defense class that I help out with, I decided to make a small flier that could be passed out easily and was very affordable to print. I stuck to one color and a size that … Continued

Fun DIY Table Using Washers!

Inspired by all the pinterest boards full of coffeee tables coated in pennies, I decided to do something a bit different for my summer DIY project! Here’s the backstory: My Dad promised me his wrought iron table and chair set … Continued

Last Sketches of Exploration #1

It’s the end of my drawing exploration at last! I had a lot of fun sneakily sketching my friends in Brazilian JiuJitsu (although by the end most had wised-up to my antics), and I can’t wait to start my next … Continued

A bad idea…

So, I have sketched a lot of different people from many perspectives and even a still life, but I hadn’t tried my hand at sketching two people actually rolling around on the mats. This was probably a bad idea… things … Continued


It’s nearing the end of my drawing exploration, so I decided I had to get in a few sketches of my husband. I find this is almost as hard for me as sketching myself, but here are a few that … Continued

Texting + Sketching

I got a great sketch of Joe while he was texting on his phone after class. Success! If only more people stayed in place unmoving for long periods of time with no awareness of what was going on around them. … Continued

A good week

Got quite a few sketches done this week. I like the one of Mark chewing on his mouth guard. Plus you can see the wonders of my beat up feet.